Are You a Restaurant Server Who Has Not Been Paid Minimum Wage in Georgia? 

Minimum Wage

The Fair Labor Standards Act has fixed a set minimum hourly wage limit of $7.25 including tips for servers working in restaurants and entitles them to receive overtime for hours worked in excess of the standard 40-hours in a week. Not just that, the Fair Labor Standards Act also forbids restaurant owners from making any deductions in employees’ payroll if it reduces the wage amount below the fixed minimum wage limit. For instance, if your minimum hourly wage is $7.25 per hour, then your weekly wage will be $290. In case you have incurred damages, or have been fined for any shortcoming in service, your employer cannot make the subsequent deductions from this amount since this is the bare minimum value you are lawfully entitled to earn.  

However, despite this legal indemnity, the serving staff in restaurants is still paid less than the fixed minimum wage.  

Are you being underpaid? Here’s what you can do 

If you think you are being paid inadequately and unfairly, we might as well add to your knowledge that you are not the only one out there. This is but a sad reality that a lot of restaurants, hotels, and cafés in Georgia, Atlanta are intentionally violating the minimum wage and overtime criteria set by the FLSA. To make things worse, most servers choose to stay silent about this injustice due to the fear of losing their job. This encourages their employers to exploit their employees even more – and despite your best tries to make an earning sufficient to make ends meet, you are only paid for a fraction of the fair compensation.  

Overtime is a fundamental right of hourly employees. If you feel your employer is not paying you fairly or is taking part of or all of your earned tips, we suggest you to take appropriate action. At The Vaughn Law Firm, we have a team of experience overtime and wage attorneys that are well-versed with all federal and state laws governing wages and overtime for hourly employees. We will set up a free and confidential consultation where our attorneys will look into your case and figure out a way for you to claim and receive your due overtime wages. We have a vast experience in handling overtime wage claims and will help you settle your wage dispute in the most effective and rewarding way.  

If you are a restaurant worker who is not being paid fair wages, and you would like to speak to a qualified attorney, please contact the Vaughn Law Firm at 877-615-9495.