Federal Disability Retirement or Social Security – What Could You Qualify For? 

Disability Benefits

Federal Disability Retirement means ‘occupational’ disability where you become unable to perform duties for a specific occupation unlike Social Security Disability which is a ‘total’ disability.  

What makes you eligible for the ‘Federal Disability Retirement’? 

Below are the requirements that you must meet to be able to claim the federal disability retirement benefits: 

  1. No less than year and a half of government services as a regular citizen or postal worker 
  1. Powerlessness to perform “valuable and effective services” in your present place of employment as a result of a physical or mental inability 
  1. Expectation of your disability to last at least 12 months 
  1. Failure of your government office to reassign you at your same review or pay level of your present position 

To claim the disability benefits, you will have to prove that you fulfill the above mentioned criteria. You can work and still receive these disability benefits as long as you work in a different type of position in the private closer and don’t earn over and above 80% of your federal salary.  

What makes you eligible for the ‘Social Security Disability’? 

Mentioned below are the factors that will make you eligible for the social security benefits claim 

  1. You need to prove that you cannot work like you did before. Even if you’re still into some kind of paid employment, you should not be earning more than $1,180 a month. 
  1. Your condition should fundamentally restrict your capacity to do essential work, for example, lifting, standing, strolling, sitting, and recollecting – for no less than a year. On the off chance that it doesn’t, we will find that you are not impaired. 
  1. A medical test is conducted and it should aid the view that your medical impairment is restricting you to do the work as before. 

People with ‘special disability issues’ have a higher probability to qualify for the benefits 

You have a special issue if you are: 

  • Blind or have low vision  
  • A worker’s widow or widower 
  • A disabled child 
  • A wounded warrior or veteran 

Please note that no social security benefits are payable if the disability is partial or temporary. 

What are you waiting for? 

Now you have sufficient knowledge to decide if you’re eligible for any of the benefits. Hit us up with your case and we will help you with the best we can. No compromise on services and no disappointments. 

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