Case Results


These are some examples of the positive results that we have been able to obtain for our clients. This list is not exhaustive, nor does it mean that you are guaranteed similar results. Each case is different and the results of each can vary substantially.

Disabled Veteran

The client was a disabled veteran who applied for a job with the VA. He was not selected due to his disability and hired The Vaughn Law Firm to represent him in his EEO case. The case went to a hearing before an EEOC Administrative Judge, who ruled in our client’s favor. He was awarded a full time position with the VA. He also received reimbursement for his attorneys’ fees, back-pay, and damages.

U.S. Postal Services

The client was a postal employee who needed to relocate from Florida to New York because of health conditions. Though the post office refused to relocate the client, we were able to obtain disability retirement, as well as a cash settlement that allowed our client to relocate with family in New York as he recover from his medical condition, while still receiving income through his disability retirement.

U.S. Postal Services

Our client was a long-time postal employee falsely accused of failing to have his employees process and distribute the mail. The agency disciplined the client by reducing him from a supervisor to a part-time flex clerk. We were able to prove that the evidence that the deciding official relied upon in rendering the decision was not credible. We were also able to prove that other supervisors had been disciplined for similar conduct, however, they were not subjected to a reduction in grade. Through our representation, the client was able to return to work as a full time employee.

Dept. of Veterans Affairs

The client was a human resources specialist with the Department of Veterans Affairs. The client was issued a Notice of Proposed Removal for allegedly exercising improper influence in the hiring of an employee and a lack of candor while testifying before an Administrative Investigative Board. The Vaughn Law Firm was retained to respond to the Notice of Proposed Removal. Our response to the notice and our negotiations with the agency’s counsel resulted in the client being offered a last chance agreement in lieu of the removal.

Federal Bureau of Prisons

The client was a long-time Bureau of Prisons employee who was being discriminated against based on his disability. The agency refused the client’s request for an accommodation, and began to retaliate against him for making the request. We were able to obtain a relocation for the client to the facility of his choosing with a full relocation package, along with a reimbursement for a portion of his attorneys’ fees.

Federal Air Marshal

The client was a Federal Air Marshal, who was twice arrested and acquitted for driving under the influence. After his second arrest and acquittal, the agency terminated the client. The client filed a MSPB appeal and was denied any relief by an administrative judge. We appealed the decision of the administrative judge to the full board of the MSPB and successfully had the client reinstated with full back-pay and benefits and attorneys’ fees for total compensation of over $100,000.

U.S. Postal Services

Our client was a long term employee of the U.S. Postal Service who had worked her way up from a temporary assignment to an EAS-15/17 supervisory position. The Postal Service refused to allow her to take the required training to complete her move to EAS-17, then informed her that she would have to vacate her supervisor position and return to work as a craft employee. We filed an appeal with the Merit Systems Protection Board and were able to negotiate a settlement that resulted in the client being permanently appointed to her EAS-17 position along with a reimbursement for a substantial portion of her attorneys’ fees.

U.S. Postal Services

Our client was a mail processing clerk with the U.S. Postal Service suffering from degenerative disc disease, arthritis, and osteoporosis, which cause her pain and weakness in her back, neck, head, and arm. These conditions restricted her from being able to perform her job duties without pain or risk of further injury. We filed a successful application for disability retirement on her behalf, allowing her to retire and focus on her health.

Dept. of Veterans Affairs

Our client was a preference eligible veteran who was not properly considered for a job he applied for with the VA. The Vaughn Law Firm was able to assist him in winning a Merit Systems Protection Board appeal, forcing the VA to re-open the job’s vacancy announcement so our client could be properly considered for the position as a preference eligible veteran.