Prohibited Personnel Practices - Hostile Work Environment and Harassment


A work environment is considered hostile when an employee is being discriminated against or harassed to the point that they do not feel safe or comfortable at their place of work. Usually, the harassment is so pervasive or severe that it really interferes with an employee’s ability to do their job. Although not every action constitutes harassment or discrimination, any inappropriate action that is directed toward an individual or group of people that is a result of their protected status can be considered illegal discriminatory conduct.

Individuals might be discriminated against for a number of different reasons including their gender, race, disability, age, religion, or due to the fact that they are pregnant. If an employee is being harassed by their employer because of their status in one of these protected classes, then their employer is engaging in a prohibited personnel practice. Claims that involve discriminatory actions are often brought before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Other reasons why an employee might be experiencing a hostile work environment include disciplinary action and retaliation. For example, if an employee decides to report an employer’s wrongdoing or illegal action and the employer thereafter harasses the employee as retaliation for whistleblowing, the employer’s actions will likely be considered a prohibited personnel practice.

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