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Hourly employees work hard to earn a living and many live paycheck to paycheck.  While employees work hard each year, wages do not necessarily go up.  As such, when employees are not being paid the proper wages and overtime, they suffer financially, finding it difficult to keep up with the bills and feed their families.  A vast majority of hourly employees who work more than forty (40) hours per week are entitled to overtime pay.  However, many employees are not aware that they are entitled to overtime, and often do not know where to turn when they find out they are being underpaid.

At The Vaughn Law Firm, our Washington, D.C. and Georgia Overtime Lawyers help clients fight to receive the overtime pay they are rightfully entitled to.  Many employees may be afraid to come forward and assert their rights as an hourly employee.  As such, our legal team frequently handles such difficult matters for many employees throughout Georgia and Washington, D.C.

Your Rights as an Hourly Employee Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

While some employees are exempt, many employees are covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) which states that employees working more than forty (40) hours per week are entitled to overtime pay.  The amount of pay for individuals working overtime must be no less than time and one-half of the regular weekly pay.  If employees work on weekends or holidays, employers are not required to pay overtime unless these hours are actual overtime hours.  What this means is that the day of the week and holidays are not a factor in calculating overtime.  The only measure of whether an employee is entitled to overtime pay is if the employee works more than forty (40) hours in one work week.

Why You Should Consult with an Employment Law Attorney

Employment law matters can be very confusing, especially when specific laws are at issue.  Employment law attorneys who specialize in all aspects of employment law have the necessary skill, experience, and dedication to help employees who are simply not receiving the compensation they are entitled to for the hard work they have performed.  The Vaughn Law Firm helps employees seek and obtain compensation when their rights under the FLSA have been violated.

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When you work hard to earn a living, it can be devastating when your employer fails to compensate you for overtime that you are lawfully entitled to.  At the Vaughn Law Firm, our legal team has seen how many employers take advantage of the hard work and dedication of employees by neglecting to compensate them for working overtime.  With offices in Washington, D.C. and Decatur, Georgia, our law firm can help a significant number of employees fight to obtain the compensation they are rightfully entitled to.  If you would like to discuss your situation with a qualified Employment Law Attorney, contact the Vaughn Law Firm today by calling toll-free at (877) 615-9495 to schedule your consultation.