Five Tips for Dealing with the U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB)   


Facing disciplinary action can be stressful and leave you with a feeling of uncertainty. You may fear that you will be demoted or lose your job. While many federal employees face disciplinary action for legitimate reasons, such as documented harassment in the workplace, other federal employees may be facing disciplinary action for no legitimate reason at all. As such, if you are facing disciplinary action and wish to appeal such action to the United States Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB), you may find the following tips helpful when dealing with the MSPB. 

Tip No. 1 – Know Your Rights as a Federal Employee 

Federal employees should be aware of what their rights are when facing disciplinary action. Unfortunately, many federal employees fail to appeal to the MSPB because they are unaware they have the right to do so.  Whether you are facing disciplinary action or not, it is a good idea to review your rights by visiting the MSPB website or ask your manager/supervisor for information. 

Tip No. 2 – Act Quickly to Speak with an Attorney 

There are time limitations on how long you have to appeal disciplinary action (typically within thirty (30) days of the effective date of adverse action). Therefore, if you need assistance on how to proceed to protect your rights as a federal employee, you should consider speaking with an attorney right way. 

Tip No. 3 – Don’t Panic 

While it can be frightening to face disciplinary action, panicking only makes things worse. Instead, take a step back and assess the situation with a clear mind. Working with an attorney can alleviate a lot of stress as your attorney can handle the hard work and ensure you are following all rules and guidelines for filing an appeal with the MSPB.  

Tip No. 4  Make Sure Your Action is Appealable to the MSPB 

While the MSPB does hear a significant number of appeals related to disciplinary actions, the MSPB does not hear every appeal. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is an agency tasked with investigating some personnel actions. An attorney can help you determine whether your situation is appealable to the MSPB. 

Tip No. 5  Have Evidence to Defend Yourself 

If you believe the disciplinary action taken against you is without reason, be sure to gather all possible evidence to defend yourself and support your position, whether this support is in the form of documentation or witness statements (such as statements of co-workers). 

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