Did You Know That Disability Retirement is Easier to Get Than Social Security?  

Doctors Checking A Disabled Patient’s X Ray

A disability is an impedance that might be psychological, formative, scholarly, mental, physical or some mix of these. It considerably influences a man’s life activities and might be available from birth or happen amid a man’s lifetime. 

Social security benefits are not easy to claim for anyone who has never worked due to their disability, as well as for someone who was into paid employment and now cannot work as before (or cannot work entirely) pertaining to the newly caused disability. However, even if you are qualified as disabled, you may not qualify for the social security benefits 

The United States Department of Labor reports that only 17.5% of people with disabilities formed a part of the labor force. Rest of the people who were actively seeking jobs with disabilities were not recruited but obviously couldn’t qualify for social security benefits. 

You may be disabled due to being hit by a car, that is just a matter of a few seconds but you cannot claim social security until your first full month of disability and you will be eligible of the payment only from the date on which the state begins to consider you disabled, regardless of the actual date when you became disabled. The intermediary is even more painstaking where you need to prove that your disability is not temporary and will last for more than a year. This parameter is difficult to be satisfied. 

Situations where you just become unable to perform the duties of your position and situations where you cannot perform any work in its entirety both do not help much when you try to claim the benefits. Proving the fact that one has become misfit for any specific job is easier, however, you must have completed at least 18 months of federal civilian service which is creditable under FERS to be eligible for the Fed Disability Retirement Benefits 

Getting disabled in itself is depressing. Initial stages are more challenging to deal with – be it emotionally or financially. These issues may persist as your income stops but your disability doesn’t. The final award rate for disabled-worker applicants has varied over time, averaging nearly 45 percent for claims filed from 2001 through 2010 as reported by The United States Department of Labor. Note that, although all of the people who applied may not be actually eligible for the benefits, even people who are eligible are denied of it. In such a case, getting professional legal help to get you through with your issues and claim your rights is important. 

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