Nursing is One of the Most Dangerous Jobs in the United States

Dangerous Jobs

Nursing is probably not the first professional that comes to mind when you think about dangerous jobs. Unfortunately, it has become one of the riskiest occupations in the country.

According to a study cited by The Washington Post, nurses and other hospital workers suffer workplace injuries and develop occupational illnesses at a rate that is significantly higher than most other professions.

At the Vaughn Law Firm, our dedicated Georgia employment law attorneys advocate for the rights of nurses in the workplace. Here, we provide an overview of the reasons why nursing has become such a dangerous position.

Why are So Many Nurses Being Injured On the Job?

Medical clinics and hospitals are inherently dangerous places. If proper care is not taken by employers, employees may be exposed to serious risks. In recent years, one of the major risks facing nurses is unruly and aggressive patients. Nurses are far more likely to be physically assaulted at work than almost any other occupation in Georgia. The Advisory Board found that 80 percent of workers who are attacked on the job work in the healthcare industry.

Another factor is America’s growing obesity epidemic. It is a safety issue that is falling on the backs of nurses. Research from Bariatric Nursing and Surgical Patient Care found that many nurses are being asked to lift heavy patients and heavy equipment on the job. Over the long run, this can lead to painful, even debilitating musculoskeletal injuries. Back injuries among nurses are becoming more common.

Of course, nurses face many other workplace risks that are common to just about every profession. This includes things like workplace slip and fall accidents, repetitive stress injuries (RSIs), office injuries, and accidents caused by sharp or falling objects. It is clear that more needs to be done to make Georgia hospitals and medical clinics safe for nurses. 

Nurses Deserve a Safe and Fair Workplace

Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, employers have a basic obligation to provide reasonably safe workplace conditions for employees. Every nurse in the state of Georgia deserves safety and fairnesses.

If you were hurt on the job as a nurse in Georgia, your first step is usually to file for workers’ compensation. In some cases — when your injury was caused by a negligent party other than your employer — you may also have a viable personal injury claim.

If your employer takes adverse action against you for reporting your injury or reporting a general safety issue, you should call an attorney right away. You may be able to file a workplace retaliation claim. 

Speak to an Employment Retaliation Lawyer in Georgia

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