What Protections Do Individuals With Disabilities Have?

Disability Protections

Disabled employees are a vital part of the workplace, bringing valuable skills and providing important insights for employers. But some employers discriminate against disabled employees and deny them the opportunities they deserve. That’s wrong, and it’s against the law.

If you’ve experienced disability discrimination in the workplace, get in touch with the Georgia employment lawyers of Vaughn Law Firm today. Our tenacious disability discrimination attorneys represent disabled employees and help them seek the justice and treatment they deserve. Our attorneys are ready to answer your questions, explore options such as working with the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC), and help you find a path forward that works for you.

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Protections for Disabled Employees

Disabled employees have rights under U.S. law. These are enshrined in the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Rehabilitation Act, the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, and many other laws. Under these laws, disabled employees have protections such as:

  • Protection against harassment
  • Employers can’t terminate you, demote, or refuse to promote you because of a disability
  • Rights to reasonable accommodations
  • You don’t need to inform employers of a disability

These and other protections are available under United States law. So if you’ve experienced disability discrimination, know that you have rights and you have protections. Discrimination is never okay, and you don’t have to tolerate it.

What Are My Rights if I’ve Been Discriminated Against Due to a Disability?

If an employer discriminates against you, you have options and ways to protect your rights. You may be able to file a charge with the EEOC and even bring a lawsuit in certain situations. But first, you’ll need to know what laws apply and what legal options they provide for moving forward. That’s because different laws may apply depending on the size of your employer.

But regardless of the size of your employer, disability discrimination is never acceptable. So if you’ve experienced discrimination, speak with a lawyer about your rights and the ways you could protect them. They could let you know if you may be entitled to:

  • Back pay
  • Compensatory damages for costs such as job searching or medical costs
  • Punitive damages
  • Owed benefits
  • Job placement
  • And many others

How a Lawyer Could Help

Disability discrimination cases can be complex, with many different laws, confusing rules, and in many cases employers who may not own up to their behavior. That can lead to headaches and hassles for employees who just want protection in the workplace. But a disability discrimination lawyer knows the law and handles discrimination cases, so they can help guide you through the process.

An experienced lawyer could help by:

  • Answering your questions about disability discrimination
  • Gathering documentation to build your case
  • Identifying what state and federal laws could apply
  • Bringing a charge with the EEOC or lawsuits as needed
  • Serving as your voice in any discussions or disputes
  • Managing the paperwork and hassle of agency and courtroom filings
  • Advocating for your rights and standing up for you

If you’ve experienced disability discrimination, talk with the Vaughn Law Firm now. Protecting employees is the most important work we do, and we’re here to fight when employers violate your rights. With two offices serving Georgia and Washington D.C., and results that speak for themselves, the Vaught Law Firm is ready to serve you.

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