What is a Federal Employee Administrative Grievance?  

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When a federal employee has been wronged or is unhappy about an event or a situation at work, they may consider filing an employee administrative grievance. They will do this only if their complaint can’t be handled through the Merit Systems Protection Board’s usual complaint process or according to the Equal Employment Opportunity Act. 

At the Vaughn Law Firm, we have filed many such grievances for hard-working federal employees. We have many years of experience protecting the rights of federal and private sector employees who have been mistreated. That’s all we do. 

What Exactly is a FEAG?

A Federal Employee Administrative Grievance (FEAG) is one of the most powerful resources for fighting unfairness in the federal workplace. These proceedings can range from very informal to formal, depending upon the agency involved and the subject of the complaint.  

A FEAG is a written request for personal relief related to a concern or a dissatisfaction in federal employment. These are grievances that cannot be dealt with in another way, including challenges to performance ratings, denials of training requests, promotion issues, and more. Most of the time, these grievances are filed by individuals, but group grievances are filed on certain occasions. 

What is the purpose of filing an administrative grievance?

Quite simply, it is to deal with a wrong and to make things right for the employee. Generally, the goal is to resolve the dispute fairly and through compromise.  

Filing a FEAG gives the federal employee an easy method for bringing up sensitive or troubling issues that concern their relationships with others at the company or their work environment. Just knowing that there is a possible avenue for maintaining a fair workplace environment can bring peace of mind and a greater sense of security to the employee. 

What are the two main types of Federal Employee Administration Grievances?

Federal employees may file grievances that generally fall into one of two categories. They are: 

  • Administrative grievances: This type of grievance is a written request submitted by an employee for personal relief in a concerning matter or that brings dissatisfaction to their job. This procedure covers non-bargaining unit employees. 
  • Union grievances: When a union member files a grievance, it is based on a complaint that the employer violated the worker’s rights under the law, according to a contract, or as outlined in workplace policies and procedures. This usually means the employer breached the collective bargaining agreement. 

The Administrative Grievance Process

The number of steps in the grievance process varies according to individual agency policy. The measures often include the following: 

  • The employee makes a formal, written complaint 
  • The official investigation of that complaint begins 
  • The investigator provides a conclusion 
  • A mediator may be called in to help negotiate the conflict 
  • A resolution is suggested and implemented 

How The Vaughn Law Firm Could Help

At the Vaughn Law Firm, we understand the impact of unfairness in the workplace. We know that your career is an enormous part of your life – it is a source of pride, security, and dedication – and as a devoted employee, you deserve to be heard.  

If you have been mistreated at work, been discriminated against, faced retaliation, or been denied benefits that you earned, we can be your voice for a fair resolution. Your job means security for yourself and your family, and we are devoted to bringing the experience you need to the table to right the wrongs you have endured. 

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